Conference & Poster list

Program at a glance

  • Wednesday 17 November:
    Field trip to Fontainebleau “Geosciences in the urban context of Ile-de-France”: visit of 3 different sites (organized in collaboration with Christine Franke and her colleagues from Mines ParisTech, on registration only)
  • Thursday 18 and Friday 19 November:
    A two-day conference held at IFPEN, Rueil-Malmaison (oral presentations & posters)
    Agenda below. 


Thursday 18 November

8.30    Arrival 

9.00    Dynamics of sedimentary basins and introduction to ILP Task Force VI
          J. J. Armitage, F. Nader (IFPEN, France) and L. Matenco (Utrecht Univ., The Netherlands)

9.30    Assessing the role of coupled transport of heat and fluid in sedimentary basins for future safe and sustainable use of the subsurface
  M. Scheck-Wenderoth (GFZ Potsdam, Germany)

9.50    Using Joint Geophysical and Petrological Inversion to Determine Temperature and Heat Flow Beneath Ireland and Britain
            E. Chambers (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Ireland)
10.10   Combining stratigraphic forward- and petroleum system modeling to decrease source rock uncertainties in underexplored sedimentary basins: A case study of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
            S. Grohmann (RWTH Aachen Univ., Germany)

10.30    Break & Poster session

11.00    Insights into the Basin Evolution, Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration in the Persian Gulf Region
 A. Baniasad (RWTH Aachen Univ., Germany)

11.20    Evaluating CO2 storage potential in an under-explored basin: Stord Basin, northern North Sea
             S. Evans (Univ. of Oslo, Norway)

11.40    Determining wellbore location in multi-layered karst coastal aquifers, how oil industry workflows help
             A. Fournillon (Beicip Franlab, France)

12.00    Poster pitches (15 posters)

12.45    Discussion of morning sessions

13.15-14.30 Lunch break & Poster session   


14.30    Directed Cellular Automata framework to track sediment provenance and solve lakes in long-term landscape evolution models
             B. Gailleton (GFZ Potsdam, Germany)

14.50    Sensitivity of rift tectonics to global variability in the efficiency of river erosion
             J-A. Olive (Ecole Normale Supérieure, France)

15.10    The role of confinement in the evolution of sedimentary basins – inferences from observations and numerical modelling
             Á. Kovacs (Eötvös Loránd Univ., Hungary)

15.30    Break & Poster session

16.00    Tectonic history and lithological variation in back-arc basins
             A. Beniest (Vrije Univ. Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

16.20    Interplay between deep lithosphere-asthenosphere dynamics and landscape evolution to characterise the timing, rate and mechanism of the uplift of the Transdanubian Range, Hungary
             L. Fodor (Eötvös Loránd Univ., Hungary)

16.40    Dating folding beyond folding, from layer parallel shortening to fold tightening, using mesostructures
             O. Lacombe (Sorbonne Univ., France)

17.00    Megaflap formation and Damage recording
             M. Lartigau (UPPA, France)

17.20    The role of salt in mountain building, from minibasinformation to orogen dynamic
             J-P. Callot (UPPA, France)

17.40    Poster session

18.10    Discussion of morning sessions

18.30    Tectonic, halokinesis and other geological controls on the Châteauneuf-du-Pape vineyards
Invited lecturer: F. Roure (Emeritus, IFPEN, France) ; D.G. Howell (Retired from US Geological Survey, USA)

19.00    End of the presentations


Friday 19 November

8.30      Arrival 

9.00      Passive margin and continental basin: Insights from wide-angle data Towards a new paradigm
    D. Aslanian (IFREMER, France)

9.20      Lithospheric Strength and Rift Migration controls on Synrift Stratigraphy and Breakup Unconformities at Rifted Margins
    M. Pérez-Gussinyé (MARUM, Univ. of Bremen, Germany)

9.40      Constraining the thermal history of sedimentary basins  by driving kinematically 2D thermomechanical simulations of the lithosphere-asthenosphere of passive margins
             P. Perron (Sorbonne Univ., France)

10.00    Crustal Structure of the North Natal Valley (Mozambique) Using Combined Wide-Angle and Reflection Seismic Data
             P. Schnürle (IFREMER, France)

10.20    Integrating insights from modern lithosphere models with the basin-scale sub-subsurface geology – can we do better?
             L. Kennan (Royal Dutch Shell, The Netherlands)  

10.40    Break & Poster session

11.00    The lithospheric structure of the Congo Basin: clues of its formation
             M. Tesauro (Univ. of Trieste, Italy)

11.20    Cenozoic mountain building and topographic evolution in Western Europe: impact of billion years of lithosphere evolution and plate kinematics
             F. Mouthereau (Univ. Toulouse Paul Sabatier III, France)

11.40    High geothermal gradient in the Alps-Apennine tectonic junction induced by mantle upwelling
             C. Amadori (Univ. of Pavia, Italy)

12.00    Poster pitches (15 posters)

12.45    Discussion of morning sessions

13.15-14.30 Lunch break & Poster session   


14.30    Combined controls of genetic stratigraphy and diagenesis on the reservoir compartmentalization of heterogeneous sedimentary deposits - insights from a dolomitized alluvial fan formation (Late Triassic, Paris Basin)
             C. Bailly (GEOPS, Paris-Saclay Univ., France)    

14.50    Fluid overpressure in the Anyue gas field, Sichuan Basin, SW China: a multi-disciplinary approach of fluid inclusion and basin modeling
             A. Elias Bahnan (Univ. de Lorraine, France)

15.10    Diagenetic modelling through interpolation and software analysis (Illizi basin - North Africa)
             S. Tamburelli (Univ. degli studi di Pavia, Italy)

15.30    Break & Poster session

16.00    Mechanism of multiphase dolomitization in the Samana Suk Formation (middle Jurassic), Himalayan Foreland Basin, N.W Pakistan
             M.M. Shah (Quaid-i-Azam Univ., Pakistan)

16.20    How fluid-mediated rock transformations can mimic hydro-fracturing patterns in hydrothermal dolomite
             S. Centrella (UPPA, France)

16.40    What control hydrothermal dolomitization? Insights from dynamic experiments under X-ray microtomography
             B. Lefeuvre (UPPA, France)

17.00    Discussion of morning sessions

17.30    End of the workshop



1 - Effect of normal fault on carbonate reservoir diagenetic evolution (Urgonian facies, SE France)
I. Aubert (UPPA, France) 

2 - Regional-scale paleofluid system across the Umbria-Marche Apennine Ridge (northern Apennines) as revealed by mesostructural and isotopic analyses of stylolite-vein networks
N. Beaudoin (UPPA, France)    

3 - Reconstructing fluid pathways by studying dedolomitization process: example of Benassal Formation, Maestrat Basin, Spain
S. Centrella (UPPA, France)

4 - Porosity determination in sedimentary rocks: a comparative study using gas porosimetry and X-ray microtomography
R. Iglesias (Pontifical Catholic Univ. of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

5 - Fluid flow evolution resulted in multiphase dolomitization in the Cambrian Jutana Formation, Salt Ranges (Pakistan): Evidences based on mineralogical geochemical and iotopic signatures
M. M. Shah (Quaid-i-Azam Univ., Pakistan)



6 -  A comparative analysis of pore attributes of Damodar and Wardha Valley coal: Implication for enhanced coalbed methane recovery
D. Chandra (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India)  

7 - Energy production from fractured reservoirs: interplay of thermal, hydraulic, mechanical, and chemical effects
H. Nick (DTU, Denmark)

8 -  Geophysical characterization of a carbonate platform reservoir based on out-crop analogue study (onshore, Lebanon)
G. Abbani  (Sorbonne Univ., France ; CNRS-Lebanon)

9 - High-resolution seismic investigation in phosphate mining
A. Charbaoui (Mohammed 6 Polytechnic Univ., Morocco)

10 - The Campine Basin in Flanders – future research perspectives
J. Van Daele   (Planning Bureau for the Environment and Spatial Development, Belgium) 

11 - Geochemical and lithological controls on a potential shale gas play: Carboniferous Namurian Shale, Campine Basin and Namur Syclinorium, Belgium and the S-Netherlands
W. Wei (KU Leuven, Belgium)



12 - Decomposition of fluivio-deltaic sediments into hydrostratigraphic units: seismic geomorphology and well evaluation, Pannonian Basin, Hungary
H. Ben Mahrez (Eötvös Loránd Univ., Hungary)

13 - New 3D-structural framework in the Montpellier-Sète coastal area (S. France): implications for segmentation of karst reservoirs and groundwater circulation
R. Hemelsdael (Univ. de Lorraine, France)



14 - Spatial variations of scattering and absorption features in the crust of the Eastern Carpathians and surroundings, revealed by attenuation tomography
F. Borleanu (National Institute for Earth Physics, Romania)

15 - Structural evolution of the Permo-Carboniferous Saar- Lorraine basin (France, Germany): a transition from the late Variscan compression to lithospheric delimination
R. Hemelsdael  (Univ. de Lorraine, France)

16 -  Stratigraphic and structural Land- Sea transition of a back-arc basin: insight from the eastern Algerian margin
M.  Arab (Independant scientist, Algeria)

17 -  Deep structure of the Pará-Maranhão/Barreirinhas passive margin in the Equatorial Atlantic (NE Brazil)
D. Aslanian (IFREMER, France) 

18 - Electrical resistivity structure of the transition from the East European Craton to Palaeozoic Platform derived from 3-D inversion of magnetotelluric data
S. Mazur (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)

19 - Deep crustal structure of NE Brazil continental margins and onshore sedimentary basins: role of magmatism, kinematic and heritage
M. Evain (IFREMER, France) 

20 - How inherited accreted lithospheric heterogeneity can control the architecture and the low, long-term subsidence rate of intracratonic basins?
P. Perron (Sorbonne Univ., France)

21 - Contribution of stylolite inversion in reconstructing the history of compaction and deformation of carbonate reservoirs during foreland basin development: example of the Cingoli anticline (Northern Apennines, Italy)
A. Labeur (UPPA, France)



22 - New way to predict sediment production and deposition: integrated Source to Sink maps at pluri-basisns-scale
A. Ortiz (BRGM, France) 

23 - Source to sink maps at Western Europe scale, synthetic view and applications
E. Lasseur  (BRGM, France)



24 - Stress and strain patterns associated with the Cenozoic structuring of the High Atlas fold belt
H. Skikra (Mohammed VI Polytechnic Univ., Morocco)

25 - Spatiotemporal variability of syn-rift sequence architecture in response to local tectonics, sediment influx and eustasy: an example from the Lower Miocene of the Gulf of Suez margin, Egypt
R. Badr (Ciaro Univ., Egypt)

26 - Effect of hydrothermal circulation on large-scale tectonic architecture
J. Garcia-Pintado (MARUM, Univ. of Bremen, Germany)

27 - Hinterland and foreland structures of the eastern Maghreb Tell and Atlas thrust belts: Tectectonic controlling factors
S. Khomsi  (Univ. de Carthage, Tunisia) 

28 - Rift tectonostratigraphic sequences: a tool for correlation of syn-rift strata in sedimentary basins
D. Rukavina (Univ. of Zagreb, Croatia)

29 - The Tellian thin-skinned Fold-and-Thrust Belt: Wedge dynamical parameters from balancing transect
M. Khelil (CERTE, Univ. de Carthage, Tunisia)