The 2021 ILP Sedimentary Basins Task Force (VI) international workshop will highlight the significance of evolving knowledge of sedimentary basins for future safe and sustainable use of the subsurface. The workshop will have a broad outlook: from exploring surface and subsurface processes across scales, the diversification of energy and mineral georesources, subsurface storage, environmental risk and hazards. We invite young and established researchers from a wide range of disciplines to contribute to this workshop and promote scientific discussions and future collaborations.

The Organizing Committee invites researchers to present their recent advances in the wide field of the dynamics of sedimentary basins. The aim of this workshop is to push forward the energy transition. Therefore, we seek contributions across the spectrum of subsurface and surface geoscience. We are particularly interested in recent work that targets applications for resources such as groundwater, minerals, and energy. We also seek contributions that explore the interactions between tectonics, sedimentation, fluid flow and fluid-rock interactions.

We wish to highlight the active role of geoscience in the safe and sustainable use of the subsurface, from both extraction to storage. Hence, we also seek contributions that, for example, explore CO2 sequestration, nuclear waste disposal, and subsurface monitoring. Beyond a georesources focus, we seek contributions that explore the wider impact of both exploration and natural hazards in understanding environmental impact and future sustainability.

The context of this workshop in place and time proposes a new way of thinking and valuing geosciences and sedimentary basin studies. The energy transition is hence based on making use and value of the knowledge rooted in the past towards a better future, where the subsurface (of sedimentary basins) may be used safely with sustainability and societal acceptance.